About us

EZACART is a registered brand name owned by MojoMani partners with key interests in re-organizing the way grocery business is done in tier-2 cities of Uttarakhand. We are proud of our origins from the resourceful hills and in due course will plan to build our very own e-commerce portal empowered for all the exotics from the Devbhumi. The portal shall work tirelessly not only for the consumer convenience and benefit, but will also play a key role in providing transparent markets for all the wonderful medium and small scale industries located in our beautiful state.

Traditionally, the state is not very well known for its entrepreneurial zeal. We have been majorly job seekers and not job creators. Ezacart at its core have this mission to empower the social structure of the Pahadi society and is gong to run its first social experiment to build its very first social commerce business model in Haldwani and scale into multiple cities thereafter.

We at Ezacart boast of a team with unparalleled dedication and zeal towards making this mission a success. The team have a perfect mix of experience and energy to learn unlearn almost on a daily basis with a single point focus to evolve the business model. We have team mentors/members ranging from IIT's/IIM's, a highly known successful young businessman, two never tiring endlessly enthusiastic doers and a very young enthusiastic team member who is still in his graduation years trying to make it big with limited resources but magnanimous vision. In addition, we also have highly dedicated blue collar team working for us reinforcing our vision with their hard-work.

We are highly dedicated towards our loyal customers who have supported us with their love and blessings. We hereby assure that we will strive towards excellence continuously and will beat our own benchmarks in product quality and service experience.

With Love,

Team Ezacart


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