Rajdhani Besan

  • ⇨ Besan is also known as gram flour or chickpea flour. It is made by grinding pure chana dal.made from best quality chana dal, besan makes for a versatile kitchen flour. It is popularly used in the preparation of dhokla, namkeen and various other sweet and savoury dishes. Suitable for regular use, its batter can be used in making spicy and crispy fritters
  • ⇨ No Gluten .made using pure desi chana. Very high natural and digestible protein. Besan is a good source of thiamin and vitamin b-6. Thiamin is required for the conversion of food to energy where as vitamin b-6 is essential for combining of the red blood cells and neurotransmitter serotonin, which generates mood and appetite
  • ⇨ The super-fine flour prepared from pure chana dal, has an earthy aroma and binding nature that makes it a key ingredient in the batter used for preparing onion pakodas, traditional potato and vegetable bhajiyas, and some sweet dishes. Besan is gluten-free flour used in the preparation of several sweet and savoury snacks
  • ⇨ Versatile flour suitable for daily use.absorb minimum oil while cooking
  • ⇨ It is used for delicious dhokla, kadhi, fafda, sev,dhokla,laddoo,halwa and many other namkeens. Traditionally used in the preparation of sweets and namkeens
Per 500 gram

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